The T-Pain Effect: Why, Izotope, WHY??!

Well folks, the day has come.  T-Pain has his own DAW plug-in, aptly name “The T-Pain Effect.”  iZotope, creators of one of my very favorite and most relied-on plug-in suites, iZotope Rx, has birthed this man-baby of a plug-in that all your favorite clients are going to be asking about from now until eternity.  Run for the hills, folks.  Run for the freakin hills.


2 thoughts on “The T-Pain Effect: Why, Izotope, WHY??!

  1. LOL…yup!

    But having said that, I think it’s important for us engineers to be able to “cover” that t-pain “riff”, so to speak, when clients ask for it.
    However, as Producers, it’s our job to convince them it’s an overused and dated POS technique akin to the ubiquitous “pause with synth swoosh” that’s so popular in pop and, hopefully, will also go the way of the tom-roll from “Jamie’s Cryin'”.


  2. Oh no doubt about it Jef – if you’re in a session and the client wants that sound you’re better off having it than not…but making it this easy feels a bit like reinforcement. FWIW – I did NOT buy that plug-in and I won’t. I actually recently had to buy a new computer for my studio and I decided not even to install Autotune. 🙂

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