More new music!!

It’s time once again for me to add some more recent work to my already, and now even more, illustrious Media page! There are two new tracks up, and they pretty much could not be more different from one another. Still, I’m pretty damn proud of both of them.

First, we have a piece entitled Concertino BulerĂ­a,” by the incredible Manhattan Camerata. I had the pleasure of recording 4 pieces of theirs at the Dolan Studio at NYU Steinhardt last July, and their album is finally about to come out. This is one of the four tracks that I mixed for them. Mastered by Alan Silverman of Arf! Mastering.

Next we have a new instrumental track that I composed, performed, and mixed for a swanky men’s fashion company putting together some internet commercials for their clothing line. It ain’t much but I think it’s kinda fun…it SOUNDS cool, anyway.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


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