New music and multimedia samples posted to Media page!

I went and added a few more recent pieces that I’ve worked on to the Media page…felt like I’d had the same three songs up there forever. Here’s me making a solemn (read: empty) promise to make an earnest (read: halfhearted) effort to update the Media page more often with new stuff. And for that matter I definitely ought to be posting to the blog more, so I’m gonna definitely do that too. Enough rambling, here’s some info about the new media content.

“Cheers to Anger” – Emily Herring & Aaron Leeder
I had the opportunity last fall to record my good friend Aaron Leeder (Exit Clov, Drunken Sufis) and one of his many partners in songwriting, Emily Herring, in the wonderful Studio 510 at NYU Clive Davis where I work. The idea was just to sort of ‘say hi’ on a few songs and see how they sounded when recorded in a pro studio, and the end result was a nice little six-song EP featuring the song I posted, Cheers for Anger.

Next, I added links to a couple of videos I did sound design and editing for. Definitely check out ALPHA MALE, an awesome piece of science media created by my good buddy Nate Dappen over at Day’s Edge Productions. I did all of the sound design for that as well as the editing and the final mix. Definitely fun to play with jungle and monkey sounds.

Anyway, check out the new stuff and stuff.


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